In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent Separation Drill, that focuses on the proper mechanics of hand separation.

Breaking Down the Separation Drill

  • Put the player on one knee so he can isolate the separation of his hands.
  • He starts out with his hands center of his body, and then he’s going to separate down.
  • He finishes with his T, making sure he’s looking down the front side of the glove and that the glove is open.
  • Fingers should be on top of the ball, thumb’s down
  • Make sure the player doesn’t separate from his body, going out and away. They’ll get more momentum if they separate down.
  • The player can check himself, by separating and looking behind him.
  • Be sure that he’s not hooking his arm behind his body – he should come down and make a big, long arc.
  • A great drill your players can work on in the mirror at home by themselves.


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