In today’s video blog post, I am sharing an awesome hitting drill that allows you to focus on body mechanics and proper sequence. The Sequence Tee Drill allows the player to work on his swing, with focus on using the proper sequence, when hitting a ball off of a tee. It’s difficult for a hitter to get the proper sequence on a swing when he’s trying to hit a moving ball if he is just beginning to learn the actual sequence of a swing. But this hitting drill can help!

Sequence Tee Hitting Drill Set Up:

Set up the tee on the edge of the plate.   Find the area for a pitch down the middle, and that’s the area on the plate where he wants to hit the ball.

Sequence Tee Hitting Drill Sequence:

  • The hitter must concentrate on taking his time and making sure that his swing is in sequence.
  • Upon front foot contact, his back heel comes up off the ground
  • His knee and hip begin to rotate first, which then begins the rotation at the trunk
  • Rotation leads to the shoulders, down the upper arm and into the bat


Try to incorporate 25 repetitions in a practice but only take 10 swings at a time. More than 10 swings at one time tends to tire the hitter out and mechanics begin to suffer.


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