Every program should include at least one short hop fielding drill in every practice.   It’s a simple and effective drill that focuses on improving your hands and your hand eye coordination.   This fielding drill requires 2 players who will alternate between working on fielding the short hop and throwing the hop ball to the other player.

The fielder will get in the ready position, with the hands out in front and try to catch a short hop ball. The feet should be lined up toe to arch, with the rear end of the player down so the fielder can easily get to the ball, and the glove should be turned down so that the ball can come right into it. The weight should be on the balls of the feet, so that you can move efficiently either left or right.

The thrower is going to hop the ball about a foot away from the glove, and the fielder is going to work on keeping the hands out in front, so they will always be able to see the ball.

Try to catch 10 short hop balls in a row.     You can vary the distance and arc on the ball to work on many different types of short-hops.

This is the second easiest ball to catch if you get your hands out, but it may be the toughest to catch if you don’t get your hands out!


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