A shortstop can change the momentum of a game by executing a double play opportunity successfully. Teaching your shortstops how to turn a double play, in order to increase your chances for success while decreasing your chances for injury, is an important part of your practice plan that you don’t want to ignore!

In this video demonstration, we are showing you Shortstop Double Play drills with a ball, that you can incorporate into your next practice. We cover: Receiving the ball outside of the bag, receiving the ball inside of the bag, and how to take it yourself.

Some important points to remember:

Receiving Position 1: Outside of Bag
– Footwork is everything in this situation. Good footwork not only protects the shortstop from injury, but is also important in order to turn double plays.

Receiving Position 2: Inside of Bag
– Take feeds from the first baseman, tag the bag with the left foot and step inside

Receiving Position 3: Take It Yourself
– The footwork technique in this drill is more difficult than it looks. You must be ready to plant on the left foot when reaching the bag.


Video Demonstration


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