The shortstop must use proper technique when playing in cut off situations, because the plays are very close to third base and home plate, and in some cases second base as well.   In this shortstop drill sequence, we are focusing on cutoff position based on a throw from the outfield.

Throw from the outfield

If it is a good throw, the shortstop is going to begin to turn his body as the throw approaches. If the body is not turned, the baserunner will gain two extra steps (six feet) while the player turns to make the throw. The shortstop wants to position himself in such a fashion that he will be able to catch the ball on his glove side, with 2 hands, and then get rid of it quickly.

  • Position yourself so that you are facing the player who is throwing to you.
  • Shortstop will raise his arms so that he can show a good target of where to throw the ball.
  • If it is a bad throw, the shortstop can move his feet to either side to attempt to make the catch.
  • Be sure to focus on cutting out any unnecessary steps while turning to make your throw.
  • This drill can also be done individually, with focus on turning the body and making strong, accurate throws.

Video Demonstration

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