To practice using the underhand flip to get force outs at second base.

Drill Setup

  • Make two lines of players – one line at the shortstop position, the other at second base position.
  • Coach stands with a bucket of balls on the pitcher’s mound.
Fielders play a ground ball from a middle infield position, then flip it to a teammate covering second base

How it Works

  1. To begin, Coach rolls a ground ball to the first player in the shortstop line.
  2. After the coach releases the ball, the first player in the second base line runs to the bag, puts left on the bag and holds up both hands at chest height as a target.
  3. Shortstop fields the ball and performs an underhand flip to second baseman (making sure to keep hand up after ball is released)
  4. The second baseman should take right foot to the ball and catch the underhand flip. After a successful catch, second base should throw the ball back to the coach.
  5. Both players return to end of line, and drill begins with two new players.

(Note: drill can then be reversed: short stop runs to cover second base after second baseman fields the ground ball)

Coaching Tips

  • Get your glove out of the way before you toss, so the receiver clearly sees your throwing hand and where the ball is coming from.
  • Step toward the target and continue moving in that direction after you release the ball
  • Follow through by holding your throwing hand up at abdomen level. Avoid snapping back or finishing with a high follow through.
  • Flip the ball firmly on a straight line, aiming for the receiver’s chest. Avoid looping the ball up in the air.
  • Make it harder: Have players practice completing a double play by throwing to a coach to teammate at first base after completing the catch at second.
  • Make it easier: If your players still need help mastering the basics on the underhand flip, have players pair up and practice their underhand flip technique before taking it onto the field in this game situation drill. Make sure they are keeping their throwing hand help high after the flip.