This drill simulates fielding a short hop or a tough ground ball. It is an excellent drill for developing “hand quickness.” Keep it fast-paced and fun by turning it into a competition between teammates.

Set Up

This drill can be performed against any wall where it is safe to bounce a ball (back of the dugout, garage door, or concrete wall). A ball and glove are needed. A “bouncier” ball will come off the wall faster.


  1. The player stands about 4 yards away from the wall in a low crouched position with his hands apart. (The closer the player is to the wall, the more quickly he will have to react.)
  2. The player throws the ball against the wall and drops into fielding position.
  3. The player slides to the right or the left to get in front of the ball and catch it. He cradles the ball into his body as he catches it.
  4. If the ball goes to the right, the player must use a backhand catch. If the ball goes to his left, the player will use a forehand catch.

Coaching Tips

  • To increase difficulty, a partner or coach can throw the ball against the wall instead of the player
  • Create short hops by throwing the ball high off the wall, so it bounces directly in front of you
  • Create a line drive by throwing the ball off the ground first. It will bounce off the wall and come straight back on the fly.
  • This drill can be set up as a team competition by lining up the entire team against the wall. If a player drops a ball he is out. Play until there is only one player left.