This is one of the youth baseball baserunning drills I created for my 8U team.   It is designed for younger players to help reinforce the concept of running through first base (and home plate).

Baserunning Relay Drill
I created relay teams of 4 players on each team.   (If your team doesn’t have 12 or 16 players, then the coach will determine which of the players needs this drill the least and those players can help with watching the bases to make sure all bases are touched.)

I divide the teams up evenly in terms of running speed.   The coach with the stopwatch yells “go” & starts the watch.   The first runner will run the batter’s box to first base, and must tag the 2nd runner.

Here’s the catch”¦the 2nd runner must be located in foul territory, 8-10 feet PAST first base, typically where the base umpire would stand.   This reinforces running THROUGH first base, slightly turning into foul territory.

The starting location of runner #2 is also typically where a runner might be after running through 1st base, who is sent to 2nd on an overthrow to 1st !

Runner #2 takes off after being tagged and heads to 2nd base, rounds 2nd, then tags the 3rd runner, who is located 8-10 feet or so past 2nd base, in a line that would be typical for a runner who is rounding 2nd to head for 3rd base.   (Using cones to help the players understand the “rounding” base path works very well for younger players).

The 3rd runner will then run to third and tag the last runner who is located 8-10 feet or so past 3rd base.   The last runner now runs to home plate.   The stopwatch isn’t stopped until the 4th runner gets through home plate to a cone located 10 feet past home plate.   This reinforces running all the way through home plate.

If any runner misses a base, they must go back to touch the base before tagging the next runner.

Set up the teams to compete against each other & the fastest time will earn bragging rights within the squad.   With my 8U team, they earned the right to throw a water balloon at the coach of their choice after practice.   You’d be amazed how hard your players will work to earn that right!