Helps fielders learn to thrown with speed and accuracy, while training baserunners to sprint hard and round the bases with proper technique.

Drill Setup

  • Split your players into three teams.
  • One team lines up at home plate, the other two fill the defensive positions. Coach stands beside home with a bat and balls.
Around The Horn Baseball Baserunning Drill
Baserunners try to reach home before the defensive team can throw the ball all the way around the horn.

How it Works

  1. The first player on the baserunning team steps up to the plate with a helmet.
  2. Coach hits a ground ball to an infielder, while the baserunner begins sprinting around the bases.
  3. The infielder plays the ground ball and throws to first.
  4. The infielding team then throws the ball around the horn, from first to second to third to home, while the baserunner continues to sprint around the bases.
  5. If the ball reaches home before the baserunner, the fielding team gets a point. If the baserunner reaches home first, the baserunning team gets a point.

Coaching Tips

  • For younger teams, the ball should arrive at home at roughly the same time as a fast runner.
  • Extra players can act as outfielders and back up the appropriate bases
  • Make it easier: Roll the ball to the infielders instead of hitting ground balls.
  • Make it harder: Have the infielders throw the ball back to first before throwing it to the next base (i.e.. First -> second -> first -> second -> third -> first -> second -> third -> home).