Trains baserunners to read pitchers, understand timing, and get an effective jump to steal second base

Drill Setup

  • You can run this drill in the infield, or set up a first base and second base in the outfield the appropriate distance apart.
  • Coach stands on the pitcher’s mound. Players line up at first base.
Second Base Steal Baseball Baserunning Drill
Baserunners read the pitcher and steal second base

How it Works

  1. The first player in line steps up to first and takes a short lead.
  2. The coach will simulate a wind up and pitch.
  3. As the coach goes into his wind up, the baserunner sprints hard and slide into second base.
  4. Repeat with the next player in line.

Coaching Tips

  • Stay low and powerful for the first three steps, then lengthen your stride to reach top speed.
  • Learn to watch the pitcher and key on the actions and movements of his windup and delivery. Determine what cues indicate he is throwing to home or throwing to first base.
  • For example, if the pitcher’s glove side elbow moves toward first base, he’s throwing to first base
  • Make it harder: The pitcher can try to pick off the baserunner.
  • Make it easier: No pickoffs allowed. The pitcher always throws home.   Have a first base coach call out cues to the runner – “Lead Off”¦ Go!” or “Back!”