I have never seen another coach use a tennis ball and Racquet like I do to teach outfield skills.I have played a lot of tennis in my day and have found it to one of the best hand eye sports out there for kids. I work it in my baseball practices for outfield since I can control it perfectly to the spot that I want to hit it for calling out who got it nice and loud.

Tennis Baseball Drill
I start this drill from the beginning of the season. I hit a tennis ball up in the air.   At the beginning I call out the name of the player I want to catch the ball.   Once they get the hang of it, I leave it up to them to call the ball.

It’s a great way to introduce pop flies, and a great workout that the kids don’t realize their getting.

I hit line drives in the air from short distances which helps the players work on their reflexes–so you can see all the possibilities.