Try these practice drills to put some fun into practices.   Since they both provide the competitive element you’ll find your players really like them. They don’t even realize they are honing their skills and getting conditioning at the same time.

Relay Drill
Divide your team into two teams (by speed) as equally as possible.
Have one group start at second and the other at home.
Have one coach with each group to set up a running strategy.
Work together ahead of time to develop a strategy you think will get the very best speed out of each player.

Have a relay race around the bases, timing the boys, base to base as well as all the way around.

The boys have a great time with it and they have no idea they are setting expectations for times on the base pads.

It is great, you get the very most out of each of them, to establish a baseline, and the boys have a great time racing around the bases against their teammates.

Fielding Drill
I like lining up my 8 and 9 year olds in medium to long right field. Using one player to play first base and another player to play 2nd base.

From a spot between first and second fly balls and ground balls are delivered to the outfielders. As the ball is in movement the coach yells first base or second base.

Evaluate proper fly ball and ground ball catch and release.

At times I make this a game and points are given for techniques and throws.