You can never have too many baseball batting drills to keep practices lively. I like these two drills because they are quick to implement and are equally effective in improving batting skills.

Soft Toss Drill
This is one of my favorites to help the batter wait for the change up. It is a soft toss drill.
The batter is in their normal stance.
The tosser is directly behind home plate.
The batter must keep their eyes on on the “pitcher”.
The tosser tosses the pitch through the strike zone from behind the batter.
The batter who is still looking at the pitcher, sees the ball in their peripheral
vision, waits and swings trying to hit the back side of the ball and drive it towards second base or the center fielder.

It takes about 5-8 balls before the batter starts making contact.   Once they get it they continue to   improve.

Drop ball-Quick Bat Drill
Stand with arm extended over the plate from the side with player in the batter’s box.
As soon as the player strides, drop the ball.

They need to have a quick bat to make contact.   This gets their hands to the ball quickly and gets rid of long, loopy swings.