Trains hitters to swing through the point of contact and hit for more power.

Drill Setup

  • Set up a tee over home plate and place a slightly deflated basketball, soccer ball or volleyball on it.
  • The first hitter sets up at the plate while the remaining players will shag balls.
Basketball Power Baseball Hitting Drill
Batter hits a basketball or other large ball off the tee

How it Works

  1. After placing the ball on the tee, the hitter takes a slow practice swing to check his position relative to the plate.
  2. On the coach’s signal, the hitter takes his stride, loads up and swings hard, trying to drive the ball straight up the middle.
  3. Make sure the hitter is swinging through the ball and following through, not stopping at the point of contact.
  4. Retrieve the ball and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Try creating a progression from your lightest ball to your heaviest (i.e.. volleyball, soccer ball, basketball).   Then have the hitter take 5 swings with a normal baseball and feel the difference.
  • Make it harder: Soft toss the basketball to the hitter, or rapid toss several balls in a row to work on bat speed.
  • Make it easier: Start by using a weighted baseball or a baseball soaked overnight in water.   Then work up to heavier balls as the hitter gains strength.