A big part of baseball coaching is being able to efficiently and effectively communicate with your players.

This video goes over some terrific descriptive hand signals that can help you achieve this goal. Some of the hand signs covered are:

  • Palm over the head to the runner: Designates that the runner should make sure that a line drive goes through the infield before going to the next base.
  • Clapping to the hitter: This is a sign of the coach wanting to repeat the sign that was sent previously.
  • Fist on fist: Designates that the runner should react on contact and try to score
  • Point to eye: Tells a runner that if he’s stealing, he can go after the baseman looks one time, because he’s probably not going to look twice.
  • Point to the chin: Designates that the pitcher typically looks to first base and then throw to home, or vice versa.
  • Spreading hands to the runner: Means for the runner to get a bigger lead.
  • Putting up one finger, two fingers, or a fist: Means that there are zero outs, one out, or two outs. When a coach does this, he wants the baserunner to give him back the sign to verify that the communication as been received and understood.
  • Hands up and far apart: Tells the runner to stop.
  • Winding arm around in a circle: Tells the runner to keep going.

These are just some of the hand signals that are discussed during this baseball coaching video. Do you use similar signs, or are yours completely different?

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