In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent baseball conditioning drill called “The Cone Drill”.

Baseball Conditioning Drill: The Cone Drill

This baseball conditioning drill set is somewhat similar to the Running Grid Drills, however, it requires a little bit more power.

In this drill, you are going to go through five rotations here, and as you do so, you’re going to notice the amount of power that it takes your athletes to be able to get over the cones and to work through it. If you can use eight or 10 cones, and then go once down and back on each one of these drill variations, your athletes will get a pretty good conditioning workout.

Forward Bunny Hop: focus on getting good lift

Backward Bunny Hop: focus on keeping the feet underneath the body and getting good lift with the hands. Stay tight and don’t let the legs fly apart.

180’s: focus on the lift and turn, and staying light on your feet. This variation takes more power, coordination and agility.


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