Drill Type:   Baseball Conditioning


This baseball conditioning drill helps to develop multipurpose direction and agility & quickness.


This is a basic drill using 4 cones.   Place cones equally spaced at a line intersection on your field.


  1. The players gets in a good athletic stance right in the middle of the cones.
  2. Starting forward or back, the player will move directly to one cone, while maintaining their athletic stance, touch the top of the cone and return back to the center.
  3. They will then repeat to the next cone, etc.

Video Demonstration

Coaching Tips

  • The focus of this drill is on opening up the hips and moving at an angle instead of moving in a straight line.
  • Working on opening up the hips helps to develop the hip movements that are needed for multidirectional speed.
  • Stay on the ball of the foot, pushing away from the direction that you want to go.


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