There is a recommended baseball fielding technique for outfielders to use when receiving the ball, in order to achieve maximum success in the field.   In today’s article, we break down the basic mechanics your fielders need to understand and implement in every practice or game.

When the outfielder receives the ball, it’s important for the player who is throwing to you to know:

1. You are ready to receive the throw
2. Where to throw (be sure to give a good target!)
3. The target should be the middle of the fielders body

When the fielder sets up to catch, it’s important to:

1. Keep the feet shoulder width apart and the knees bent. This puts you in a position to anticipate a poor throw from your partner. Always anticipate a poor throw!

2. The hands go up and you show the partner a target box right in the middle of your body.

3. Make sure that each time the ball is received, you are in your box. This allows you to show your partner where you want the ball to be thrown so that you can catch within that box.

4. If the partner throws to the left or right of that box, you are going to slide your feet in the applicable direction so you can always get your chest in front of the ball.

5. Anytime you can catch the ball in the middle of your body is going to allow for a quicker release when you go to throw the ball.

6. Always receive the ball with two hands.

7. Above the waist, slide your thumbs together to trap the ball in and catch

8. Below the waist, slide your little fingers together to trap and catch low


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