If you’re looking to liven up your practice and get the competitive juices flowing, give this drill a try.   I call it Bucket of Balls.   It will become a favorite of your players!

Bucket of Balls
Drop 10 base balls in the area where an infielder might have to make a play.
For extra fun add a stop watch to time speed. It also brings in a little competition for the fastest time.

The infielder as quickly as he/she has to get every ball and make the play to first.

The 1st baseman has a bucket to collect the balls accurately thrown to him/her.

Coaching points:

– Repetition of plays to first for any infielder.
– Best time for every position (each position should have its best time record, distance plays a role)
– Accuracy of throws.
-Best times so far 8yr old.
2nd base 22.3 secs.
Shortstop 23.8 sec.
3rd Base 24.7

Lots of fun, excellent skills improvements and never dull!