Bunt & Run


This Outfield Cut-Off drill is a high-paced fielding drill where outfielders will practice their reaction time and throwing as they try to get the ball to the cut-off. You can practice cut-offs to second base only, or practice cut-offs to all of the bases!

Set up

One player in the infield

Players in right, left and center field

One ball needed

Mitts for each player


1. The outfielders will begin to long toss the ball to each other.

2. There is no particular pattern they must follow.

3. The lone infielder will wait patiently.

4. At any time, the infielder will yell the word ‘cut’ which means whichever outfielder at the time with the ball must pivot and throw the ball to the infielder.

5. The infielder can stand by any base. If they yell ‘cut 3’ for example, the throw will
go to third base. If they yell ‘cut 4’ the ball will go to home plate.

Coaching Tips

Reinforce to the players that cut 2 means the throw will go to the cut-off near 2nd base.

Cut 3 means the throw will go to the cut-off near 3rd base, while cut 4 is near home plate.

Outfielders need to be astute and listen to the player on the infield.

Make It Easier

Only do cut-offs to second base.

Make It Harder

Practice cut-offs to all the bases.