Here are two baseball fielding drills I do after warm-up and stretching when we break out into infield/outfield practice. Both of these drills are for the infielders.

Rapid Fire Infield Drill
Infielders are at all positions with a catcher on each side of me.
Hit the ball to short, who throws to 1st then home.
Hit to 2B who throws to 3B who throws home.
Hit to 3B who throws to 1B who throws home.
Hit to 1B who throws to 3B who throws home.

This is done in rapid fire sequence emphasizing fielding/throwing/footwork.   As the drill goes on you can vary where everyone throws to and work on DP, etc.
I make sure fielding position is correct and any bad throws cost the player a foul pole.

Bare Hand Infield
I take the entire infield except the catcher and throw them ground balls to catch with their bare hands.
Once they field the ball they take their glove hand and throwing hand to their throwing side ear.

It has really worked well in getting the boys to keep their gloves on the ground and not raise up too early and they have the ball up and ready to throw very quickly.