Everyone loves to hear the “WHOOSH” of a bat or stick. That piece of material moving through the air with so much force it creates a sound.   Did you know you can actually use that sound to improve the accuracy of your hitters?   And all that is needed is a 3/4 inch dowel stick.   Today’s video shows you how exactly how to run this baseball hitting drill, understand the results and improve on them.


The Stick Drill

– Swing the stick (dry-hit) as if you are hitting the ball to right field. You want to hear the sound out to your right, as if hitting to right field.

– Make sure your hips go the direction the sound goes. Depending on where you are hitting the ball to, will determine how far the hip and foot turn. The stick should help to correct any over turning.

– Body movement becomes almost automatic when drilling with the stick, because you can associate the sound from the stick with the proper body movement.

– Give your players different levels or heights to hit at, and different directional areas to target the stick at. Make sure they notice the difference in the sound of the stick when swung.

– Remember you want the players hips to change but NOT his stride. His foot should only turn in place.


Will you be trying this baseball hitting drill with your players this season?   Share your thoughts, comments or additional suggestions below!   Be sure to check out “How To Teach Hitting Mechanics To Kids 7-14“³ for more great drill ideas!

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