We like these baseball hitting drills using a hitting tee base.  These two drills will help your players learn how to react to inside pitches, outside pitches and how to develop a downward type swing.

Hitting Drill 1  
The purpose of this drill is to recognize how to adjust to an inside pitch and an outside pitch.

  • Using a hitting tee base that accommodates 2 tees on it.
  • Place a ball on a tee that is on the inside corner of the plate and a ball on the outside corner of the plate.
  • As the player stands ready to hit off tee, tell them which ball to hit (outside or inside).
  • They load and react to hit the called pitch, hitting inside ball up the middle or pull and hitting the outside pitch to the opposite field.

Hitting Drill 2  
The purpose of this drill is to develop a downward type swing (to correct a looping swing).

  • Using a hitting tee that accommodates 2 tees on it.
  • Arrange tees so they are in a line towards the pitcher.
  • Set the height of the back tee higher than the front tee.
  • Place the ball on the front tee.
  • Player is to swing and hit only the front ball, bringing hands directly to the ball a looping swing will hit the back tee first and be noticed by the player

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