For some kids it is difficult to hit to the opposite field.   Here is one of the baseball hitting drills I use to help the hitters confidence and teach them that they can hit to the opposite field with their regular swing and stance.

Swing & Stance

For the right handed hitter, I set up an L screen on the infield between the pitcher’s mound and 3rd base, about 40 feet from the plate. The batter stands in the box as if the pitcher was throwing from the mound.

I then throw aiming for the outside part of the plate.   The hitter looking straight ahead (at the mound not the L screen on the side) tries to pick up the ball with his peripheral vision and hit to the opposite side. Hit with their regular stance and swing.

Teaches patience, delayed swing and that don’t have to hit inside out to hit to the opposite field.

Cross Fire Warm Up

We warm up the players with what we call “cross fire”.   There are two coaches–one on the left and one on the right side of home plate.   They hit grounders to the 2nd base and shortstop positions as the players move in and out. They throw to the catcher positioned next to the coach.

This is a great way to keep them moving and get them warmed up!