For my baseball hitting drills, I have utilized the hitting stick in my pre-game routine but not as it is normally used. With this hitting drill, I can simulate the hitting stick coming back at them low, high, and strike zone.

Hitting Stick Drill

  • I have the players line up down the foul line.
  • I go through each one of them.
  • I set them up at normal distance with the stick as it is normally used, and I let it recoil after they hit to take it behind my back and come back to them with same speed.
  • I do this for about 6 swings each.

This baseball drill has helped them to layoff the low and high pitches, and helps with bat speed and concentration like the actions of A Hit Away.

I just started trying it with my 10u this season, and you would not believe how their bats responded.

The coach adjusts the speed the hitting stick will come back after contact. This has tremendously helped the team.