Pitch-tracking and visual concentration are essential skills for baseball hitting at all levels of the game. The act of tracking the ball from the release of the pitcher’s hand to the plate is difficult and a skill that needs to be practiced!

Of all the terminology that is thrown around baseball, one saying that makes complete sense during a game is a hitting philosophy of “see the ball, hit the ball”. A player may have a mechanically perfect swing but if you put him up to the plate and tell him to close his eyes, he won’t hit a thing. A player must know the importance of good vision at the plate and he needs to practice skills that will help him see the ball better.

Here are some key points to remember when it come to tracking the pitch:

1. You can’t hit what you don’t see.

2. Make sure you have both eyes on the pitcher and your head is close to level.

3. Pick the ball out of the pitchers hand and watch it all the way in, leaving your eyes on the point of contact for a split second after contact.


Common Baseball Hitting Faults & Drills To Correct Tracking

In today’s video blog post, we discuss some common baseball hitting faults and drills you can add to your practice plan to help correct tracking issues.


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