Batter works on keeping his head still.

Set Up

  • Batter stands at the batting tee.

See The Ball Baseball Hitting Drill


  1. Batter gets into good stance beside tee.
  2. The tee is empty – no ball is placed on it.
  3. Batter loads, swings and freezes.
  4. Through the entire process batter’s head should remain still and his eyes should be locked on the top of the tee.
  5. Unfreeze and repeat the drill.
  6. Drill can also be run without a bat.

Coaching Tips

  • When setting up, lead foot should always be lined up with the back of the tee.
  • Batter should be lining up in a position where if there was a ball on the tee he would be hitting it out in front of his body.
  • The key in this drill is that the batter’s head should not move and his eyes should remain focused on the area at the top of the tee all the way through.