I’m coaching a team of first time players this season””all body types and conditioning.   The one thing I want to work on with them is hitting””the basics.   This may not be new,   but I want them to get their early, ugly swings in before they step into the batters box and start hitting in a game.

Hitting Basics
I’m going to get about 20 whiffle balls and a tee for them to hit off while the prior batter is still in the box.   I will have them hit whiffle balls into the backstop and get the kinks out, get them to keep their eye on the ball, work on rotating their hips and visualize the pitch getting to the hitting zone, then making that swing before they hit real balls.

My goal is to get a bunch of weekend warriors to take extra swings and get warmed up before they hit their first baseball.

Like I said, not rocket science, but it’s an easy way to make a cold body doing unnatural motions warm before it counts, and not waste others’ time.

Practice Game Drill
Here is another idea about getting some real game action in a controlled setting:   Coach pitch to a hitter and have them live hit.   Play out the ball.

If the better is out, that’s one of three outs. If not, the hitter stays on base and plays the situation with the next batter. When there are 3 outs, clear the bases and start again.
The players love this and it is very reflective of real game play.