One of the things I stress in my baseball practice is throwing accuracy.   Two of my favorite drills to work on this is the Tag Out Drill and Four Corners.

Tag Out Drill
This drill is targeted to get the players to throw the ball to the proper location for a tag out – NOT a force out.

  • I set up a 55 gallon trash can (laid down horizontally with the mouth open to the players) at 3rd base and home.
  • Infielders will throw the ball from their position into the mouth of the can.
  • This is practiced with infield and outfielders. (Outfielders may hit the cutoff man and then he turns and throws into the can).

This gets the throwers throwing the ball in the correct vicinity for the player to quickly apply the tag.

Four Corners
Set up four cones in a square about 10 feet apart.
One player stands next to a cone ( 4 players).
Player 1 flips the ball to player two, two to three, three to player four, four to player one.

This drill helps hand eye coordination as well as flipping the ball to any base when a player is to close to throw the ball. You can start with no gloves, then move to with gloves.
It was really beneficial for my 2nd basemen and shortstops, when it came to turning double plays.