I like to make practices fun and give the players a chance to improve or even compete against other players on the team or pair up with a partner and compete! These baseball throwing drills fit this description perfectly; they are competitive and fun.

One of the biggest problems I see with “throwing” is players stand straight up when they throw and take several steps to make throw thus slowing everything down.

Hot Potato Quick Throw Drill

I teach “hot potato” this way:   stay down in an athletic position when you catch the ball with both hands out in front of you.   The free hand goes wherever the glove hand goes about a foot apart and ready to cover the ball when caught.

Once caught, stay in athletic position with knees bent, make a step/turn with the right foot and at the same time pull the ball out of the glove holding the “c grip” with glove hand out in front of you. Then step forward with the left foot and bring glove hand to the chest and throw and do the “wave” to the player when you throw to get the “6 to 12″³ rotation on the ball!   It’s all about “hot potato” quick release get rid of the baseball!

Pair in partners and do this quick throw drill with all these fundamentals. Clock 30 seconds and have each pair count the # of throws made.

Try to get each team to improve doing it maybe 5 times and some kind of prize goes to the winning pair!