Air Swings


Players practice air swings with proper mechanics

Set up

- Coach will stand on home plate 

Players will spread out around the infield, making sure they are a good distance away from their teammates

All players should have their bats in their hands


1. Coach will go over the basic fundamentals of a good baseball swing.

2. Coach will stand on home plate and go through the motion of being a pitcher without a ball.

3. As coach pretends to throw the ball, the players must step and swing the bat, simulating hitting a ball.

Coaching Tips

Players should get their bats back, elbow up.

Each player should take a level swing.

They should all turn at their hip.

Weight distribution should go from back to front.

Make It Easier

Coach will take more time in between practice pitches.

Make It Harder

Coach will pretend pitch more often with less rest time between pitches.