Bunt & Run


The bunt & run drill will have players bunting the ball with the fielders making the plays on the field in a real game-like situation!

Set up

Place players in all the positions on the field

- Have the remaining players take turns bunting

Rotate the players periodically to different positions or bunting


1. Place players in every position on the field.

2. The extra players will take turns bunting.

3. Have your pitcher throw a pitch to the batter, who bunts the ball and runs to first base. The fielding team needs to try and get the batter out.

4. Set up different situations with runners on various bases to see how the players on the field react to each bunt.

Coaching Tips

Make sure your defense reacts properly and knows where to go for each bunt.

When a batter squares up to bunt, the first and third base players in many cases will start to creep in.

If the first base player comes in, the second base player may have to cover first base.

Make It Easier

To make it easier, try this drill with no runners on base.

Make It Harder

As your team practices this drill, start to add runners on the bases to see how they will react.