Baseball Throwing DrillsI spend a lot of time working on accurate throws and aiming at a target with my 9th grade team.   I call this the Target Drill.

Target Drill
We divide the players into equal teams of 4 or 5.   Have one player sit on a bucket on the 3rd baseline and the rest of their team lines up on the baseline between 1st and 2nd with 4 balls 10 feet in front of them.

The first person in line runs up to the group of balls, grabs one and throws to the girl on the bucket.
The person on the bucket is not allowed to move, so the throws must be good.
After he throws the first ball he runs back to his baseline, touches it, then runs back to the group of balls to throw another one.
He does this until all 4 balls have been thrown to the player on the bucket.
If any throws go by the catcher he must wait until all balls are thrown to go retrieve them.
The thrower becomes the catcher on the bucket and the catcher sets the balls back in their group and goes to the end of the line.
The next player in line now begins.

The team to get everyone to throw and catch first wins.