If you’re working with younger players and want to work on their hitting skills, give these tips a try.   The first one uses a basketball to improve strenght and the second one uses varying size items to work on skill.

Basketball Drill
One good inexpensive idea that helped many of my players was to soft toss using a half flat mini (or full sized basketball) into the net of our batting cage during our batting practices.

This helped reinforce the idea of hitting\driving through the ball on contact as well as finishing the swing.

Doing this simple drill produced an almost immediate difference in the amount of power my players hit with turning the routine hit balls into hard hit laser shots   they were more difficult for our opponents to handle in the field.

Can You Hit This Drill
My 14 u team was struggling to see the   ball.   We began working with whiffle balls, then went to ping pong balls, then pinto beans, then navy bean and now lentils.

If ya player can see and hit a lentil he can hit a baseball.   Our batting average at the plate doubled after using this drill.