A live baserunning drill that will also work on situational defense.

Drill Setup

  • Split your players into three teams.
  • One team lines up at home plate, the other two fill the defensive positions.
  • Place base coaches at first and third base. And another coach hitting ground balls from the third base line.

First and Third Baseball Baserunning Drill

How it Works

  1. The first player on the baserunning team begins at third base. The second player begins at first base.
  2. Both baserunners take a short lead.
  3. The coach will put the ball into play by hitting a ball into the outfield.
  4. If the ball is hit on the ground, both baserunners try to advance.
  5. If it is hit in the air, the runner on third will try to tag up and score.
  6. The baserunners try to score runs while the fielders try to make outs.
  7. After all players on one team have rotated through first and third, switch the teams up.
  8. Keep track of runs scored and crown a winner at the end.

Coaching Tips

  • The third base coach will tell the baserunners whether to advance, go back or tag up.
  • Make sure your fielders are communicating about fielding balls in the outfield and throwing to the cutoff.
  • Make it harder: Instead of the coach hitting balls, have players bat against live pitching or a pitching machine.
  • Make it easier: Add a base coach at second to provide extra guidance.