In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating the “Slash Bunt”, which is used in a sacrifice bunt situation when a team is using a very aggressive defense and their first baseman and third baseman are charging towards the plate.

Breaking Down the Slash Bunt

The bunter uses the pivot technique, and once the bat is out in front and he shows good bunt, he’s going to pull the bat back by moving his bottom hand up the bat to his top hand and bringing the bat to his shoulder.

The bunter will square around early. He will actually square around when the pitcher first comes to the set position, with his hands together. This way, he has to have enough time to square and then to pull the bat back to get into a good slashing position.

The slasher is trying to hit the ball on the ground, either in the four hole or the six hole, as infielders are vacating. You might be surprised at how hard someone can hit a ball in a slashing position. You may even consider using this with your weak hitters because it shortens up their swing, it gets the defense moving, and it opens up a lot of holes.

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