A fun, game-like drill that practices hitting, baserunning and fielding.

Drill Setup

  • Split your players into three even teams of roughly 4-5 players each.
  • Two teams fill out the defensive positions while the third team is on offense.
Each player gets an unlimited number of at-bats until he makes an out.

How it Works

  1. The first offensive player steps to the plate and tries to hit and reach base.
  2. If he makes an out, he is eliminated from the game. If he reaches base, he tries to score as a baserunner.
  3. Each offensive player can have an unlimited number of at-bats, until they make an out. If you keep reaching base successfully, you get to keep batting.
  4. The goal of the game is for each team to score as many runs as possible.
  5. Continue playing until every offensive player has made an out. Then rotate a new offensive team in and repeat

Coaching Tips

  • You can use ghost runners to advance on the bases as necessary.
  • If one team has fewer players than the others, one player can be given two outs to use
  • Make it harder: Use live pitching.
  • Make it easier: Use soft-toss pitching or a pitching machine.