When I was coaching youth baseball I started doing this to help the coach pitch kids (ages 6-7) get use to catching above their head.   My hopes are to help those who need it with their fear of the ball and get those gloves up when the ball is above your waste.

Fear of the Ball Drill
For our setup we have 4 coaches and 10 players. This can be done while another drill is in progress too, at the same time, as in finish one drill and start another (rotate).

Split the team into groups.
Have the group stand in a row facing the coach who will be about 15-20 feet away (with a glove full of balls).
Have players spread their arms and add a few feet between themselves and the next player in the row.

Then have one assistant coach (or good catcher) play as the first base or cut-off (target) at one central location so all players can reach the target.   The coach will have 5 balls in the glove and side step quickly down the row throwing the following balls at the fielder: over head (1 foot above the head line drive), pop-up, grounder and dribbler that stops before them making the player charge and field the ball with their throwing hand and make the play.

It gets crazy when they all miss and all start throwing the balls at the coach.   But that’s kind of fun too as long as everyone is paying attention.

Then they get into the groove and the coach can repeat throwing types at random: throwing grounders to the left and right, higher pop-flies, etc.   It’s good exercise for the coach too!