In today’s video blog post, we are talking about baseball conditioning workout drills to improve reaction time.   These conditioning workout drills work scrambling to the feet, and well as working lateral and, for the inflielders, being sure they are two-handed in everything they do!

Conditioning Workout Drills to Improve Reaction Time

Conditioning Workout Drill #1: Reaction Drill

This is a great drill for helping improve your reaction time, regardless of the position you play.

  • Have the player get down on the ground right in front of you (the coach) with his head facing toward you.
  • Yell “Go”, and the player is going to scramble to his feet as fast as he can just like he were coming out of a roll.
  • Complete eight to ten repetitions.


Conditioning Workout Drill #2: Pick Up Drill

This is an excellent conditioning drill workout that you see a lot of pitchers do, as well as a lot of infielders, who use it to work on staying low and improve lateral quickness. Infielders can get some particular benefit from making sure that they’re two-handed with everything they do.

  • As the player gets more comfortable, move to the right and left, but don’t throw it quite as high.
  • The better the player or the older the player is, the more agile he is and the harder you want to work him.
  • This drill builds endurance in the leg and back muscles.
  • Try to avoid the backpedal.
  • Complete 25 repetitions of the right and left movement variation.


Don’t forget to include core work in your conditioning workout!   Check out these excellent core conditioning exercises!   And be sure to Become a Fan on Facebook for more great conditioning workout tips from other coaches and players, as well as myself!