Builds bat control and pitch awareness

Set Up

Player stands at home plate with a bat

Contact Point Hitting Drill Diagram 1
Start in stance.


Player gets in batting stance and swings, stopping at the contact point for each of the nine hitting zones.

  1. High Inside
  2. High Middle
  3. High Outside
  4. Middle In
  5. Middle Middle
  6. Middle Away
  7. Low In
  8. Low Middle
  9. Low Away
Contact Point Hitting Drill
Stop at contact point.

After swinging and stopping for each of the nine hitting zones, the player then goes back through the zones only this time he swings through the contact point.

Contact Point Hitting Drill
Swing through contact point.

Coaching Tips

  • Elbows should be in, bat should lag through the zone behind the hands, head should track the ball all the way through
  • Look for batter to be making “a perfect swing” – it should be smooth, with bat lag, still head and a vertical axis of rotation