In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating the “Double Tee” Hitting Drill. I think this is the best hitting drill to teach the swing mechanics of baseball. It incorporates all of the most important fundamentals that you are teaching your young hitters.


The Double Tee Hitting Drill


The purpose of this hitting drill is to keep the loop from getting into the swing. As he swings the bat, if he hits the back tee, that tells you that his swing is coming underneath the ball, which will result in a fly ball. If his bat misses that back tee, he is going to hit the top half or middle of the baseball, resulting in a line drive.


Breaking Down The Double Tee Hitting Drill


– You will need two hitting tee’s, placed approximately a foot apart.


– Place the ball on the front tee


– The purpose here is for the hitter to swing through, missing the back tee and hitting the ball off the front tee


– As your hitter runs through this drill, you should be able to see the trigger, a little bit of stride, his hip rotation and the swing.


While this hitting drill is great for younger players, experienced athletes can also benefit from this excellent drill!



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