Emphasizes getting into trigger position.

Drill Setup

  • Batter gets in stance in front of net.
  • Coach stands to the opposite side of the batter holding a ball.
Drop Ball Baseball Hitting Drill
Coach holds the ball.

How it Works

  1. Coach holds out the baseball. He then says “trigger.”
  2. Batter makes a short stride and triggers the bat back.
  3. Coach drops the ball and the batter hits it.
Drop Ball Baseball Hitting Drill
Coach drops the ball. Player hits it.

Coaching Tips

  • To show a batter the importance of the trigger stride drop a ball without saying “trigger” first. It’s almost impossible for the batter to hit the ball. But when the coach says “trigger” and the player gets his hands moving it becomes much easier.
  • This drill simulates a high speed fastball to the batter and really stresses the importance of getting the hands moving in order to hit that ball.