Helps players work on the glove side drop step and throwing side drop step fundamentals.

Drill Setup

  • Outfielders line up next to each other in outfield.
  • Coach stands in front of the players

How it Works

  1. Players first perform a glove side drop step.   Coach says “Ready Position.”
  2. Players stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, rock side to side, elbows are bent, glove is up, eyes looking in at the imaginary batter.
  3. Coach says “Drop Step.”
  4. Right-handers take one step back with their glove-side or left leg.
  5. Coach says “Go.”
  6. Players imagine they are finding the ball off the bat. They then turn their back to home plate and begin running.
  7. Players run with the glove closed to the spot the ball has been hit to. 11. After running drill to glove side, run the drill to the throwing side.

Coaching Tips

  • When running, players should make believe the glove is part of their arm and keep it closed. Running with arm extended and glove open will slow them down.
  • Players should run on their toes not their heels, which would make the ball appear to be bouncing in the air.
  • Break down each step of the drill so players know exactly what to do.
  • Instead of doing each step, coach says “drop and go” and players do it all themselves.