In today’s video blog post, we are talking about fast ball and curve ball pitching mechanics.   By incorporating these tips and techniques, you will be able to add velocity to your pitches, resulting in more strikes and a winning season!

Fast Ball & Curve Ball Pitching Mechanics

Cut Fast Ball

It has been proven that if you can get inches of movement on the velocity of the ball, your going to be better off as a pitcher, because anything that goes straight in comes straight back out! So we want as much movement on the ball as we can possibly get.

 To get more movement on the ball:

  • Rotate hand further up on the ball
  • Keep thumb tucked on the backside, under the ball
  • Throw through the ball, and let it run out
  • All other fastball mechanics remain the same
  • The more the ball moves, the harder it is to hit!

  • Be sure to use the proper grip for the most movement


Curve Ball

Next, we are going to work on the curve ball with the full mechanical windup from the mound.

  • You want to shorten your normal stride for the curve ball
  • A shorter stride allows you to get over the ball more, and you will be able to finish stronger
  • If you use your normal stride for the curve ball, you cannot rotate your body enough to be able to complete the throw properly and efficiently
  • Turn the hand inward during the throwing motion
  • Get a good snap of the wrist for more curve
  • When you throw the curve ball, you want to say to yourself “Fast ball, fast ball, curve…”, get your hand in the proper position, do your mechanical drills
  • You want the curve ball for the right handed batter to break low and away.
  • Break low and in for a left handed batter
  • You want to throw outside of the lower right knee of your catcher


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