There are three hitting mistakes that I’ve found to be the most common in my days as baseball coach. They’re easy to fix, and today we’ll

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have a look at what they are, and how to fix them.

Hitting Mistake # 1 : Overstriding

The Mistake

Watching the Major Leaguers take their at-bats can heavily influence younger players, and often times they’ll try to put on a show with a big flashy stride – and end up outstretched and completely off-balance, like in this photo.

How to Fix It

After each swing, have the player stay in the position he finished in, take their bat, and place it between their feet. Their stride should be about the same length as their

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bat. Have them practice a hitting drill and after each swing, put the bat down to see if they’ve over strided.

Hitting Mistake # 2 : Lunging

The Mistake

Sometimes players are too eager to get to the ball on it’s way in, and end up lunging out, trying to hit the ball before it gets to the strike zone, and getting their hit out of sequence, leading with their hands and shoulders instead of their lower body.

How to Fix It

Put your player through some hitting drills  that focus on getting the proper sequence, leading with their legs and hips.

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Rolling the Wrists Over

Hitting Mistake # 3 : Rolling the Wrist Over

The Mistake

Instead of hitting with the proper position of the hands, the hitter loses balance during the swing, ending up with the top hand palm down, and the bottom hand palm up.

How To Fix It

The hitter needs to just focus on keeping their chin over the top of their belly button, and focus on keeping their balance dynamic, moving the balance from foot to foot.