If you’re searching for free baseball practice drills ideas, give these two a try.   They are simple, quick and effective.

Triangle Drill
A little drill I use in practices is a triangle.

You have a pitcher, batter (bunter), and a fielder.
Each standing about 6 feet apart. Similar to pickle, the pitcher tosses the ball to the hitter, who then hits it to the fielder, who then tosses it to the pitcher.

A little twist to this is to get 2 fielders, standing about 15 feet from the batter. The batter will hit the ball a little harder to either fielder. The first fielder will toss to the second. This will help 2nd basemen work on their backhand throw to SS for double plays.

Over the Head Fielding Drill
One drill I like to do with my outfielders is to line them up about 15 yards from the fence.   Then I will throw a ball towards the fence and have them practice going to the wall searching with their hand and the other fielders’ voice then getting the ball.

The goal is to teach them the correct way to go after a baseball that is over their head and will be near the wall.

You can also do a similar drill working with the infielders to get a ball that is heading out of play.     Both of these drills help them become more aggressive going to the wall knowing that they will not crash into the wall if this is perfected.