Charging the ball, fielding it cleanly and scooping it to home.

Drill Setup

  • Pitcher stands on the mound.
  • Coach is at home plate.

How it Works

1. Pitcher simulates a pitch to home.

2. Coach hits a slow roller back to pitcher.

Coach hits grounder to pitcher.


3. Pitcher charges toward home plate, fields the ball with his glove and scoops it back to the coach.

Pitcher charges the ball, and scoops it with his glove back to coach.

4. Perform 5-10 repetitions.

Coaching Tips

  • Intent of this drill is that there is a runner on third and pitcher must field the ball and get it to catcher quickly to get the out at home.
  • Pitchers should keep the glove open and push the ball right at the target (the coach).
  • Keep the toss level and soft.
  • You can also run this drill and have the pitchers field the ball barehanded and toss it to the coach.
  • Keep the head down when fielding to avoid losing the ball.