Batter works on moving body forward during swing, feeling resistance and following through.

Set Up

Batter stands at tee in normal batting stance. A ball is NOT placed on the tee. A heavy bag is placed in front of the tee.


  1. Batter gets into normal stance.
  2. Coach holds the heavy bag in front of the plate, then steps back before the batter’s swing.
  3. Batter takes dry practice swing.
  4. He swings down and over the tee trying to come close to the top of the tee without hitting it, then connecting with the heavy bag
  5. The batter swings through the bag and knocks it over, following through after the swing

Coaching Tips

  • This drill is important because you don’t want the batter to stop at contact. You want him to continue through the ball.
  • Batter should be finishing balanced.