power hitting drills

In today’s blog post, I am sharing 2 great overload hitting drills that utilize a resistance band/tube for added training resistance.   By implementing these hitting drills into your practice plan,   you will see an increase in your player’s hitting power!

Hitting Drills to Increase Power Hitting!

Tubing Drill

Difficulty Level: Easy

Setup:For this drill, you’ll need a regular bat, a broken bat handle, a resistance band, and to do a bit of handy work. Take the broken bat handle and drill a hole through the top. Then tie the tubing or resistance band through the hole, and tie the other end through a fence.

Execution:Get into your batting stance, perpendicular to the fence. Grab the handle, and pull forward as you rotate your hips, extending out to the point of contact, then back to your starting position. After 10 reps, pick up a normal bat, get in the exact same stance, and repeat 10 dry swings.

Coaching Tips: The farther you are from the fence, the higher the resistance will be, so start close, and work your way out as you get more comfortable.

Variations:If you don’t want to go through the whole process of drilling a hole through a bat, you can just tie a resistance band to a fence and just hold the other end with your hands. If you choose to do so, the technique will be slightly different. Hold the resistance band at roughly waist level, rotating your hips forward with your arms in tight, then extending them forward explosively.

You can also try going through your swinging motion with just your lead arm holding onto the bat for and added challenge, or, take the normal bat and hold it behind your back with both arms, so that it’s sandwiched between the cradles of your elbow and your back. Here you’ll stand parallel to the fence, rotating your back shoulder forward.


Tubing Arm Extension Drill

Diffiulty Level: Easy

Setup:For this drill, you’ll need a resistance band or some form of tubing, as well as a bat, and a couple of baseballs and a partner if possible.

Execution: Loop the reistance band around your back and under your arms, then grab an end of it with each hand. Mimic holding a bat in tight to your chest, and focus on extending your arms forward as if making contact with an imaginary ball just out in front of you. Then put the resistance band down, and go through 5 swings with a normal bat.

Coaching Tips: If you ever find it too easy or tohard, just adjust your hand position on the band – up tighter to make it more difficult, and down lower to make it easier.

Variations: You can also isolate one arm for an added degree of difficulty. Just loop the resistance band around your back shoulder, then grab it with your front hand, and repeat the drill as normal.


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