Works on hitting the ball to specific field locations

Drill Setup

  • This works best with small groups of 2-4 hitters.
  • Set up a tee facing in to a net, backstop or cage.
  • Mark out 6 targets on the net.
  • The first hitter sets up at the tee with the others close by.
Batters work on hitting to the pull side, middle and opposite field in this competitive game

How it Works

  1. This game works just like playing H.O.R.S.E. in basketball.
  2. The first hitter steps up to the tee and calls out which target he is aiming for.
  3. He swings and aims for the target. If he hits it, the other players each attempt to hit the same target. If they miss it, they get a letter (H, then O, then R and so on)
  4. If the first hitter missed the target, it’s the next hitter’s turn to pick his target and try to hit it. The drill continues with each hitter taking a turn.
  5. If a hitter accumulates 5 letters (H.O.R.S.E.) he is out of the game

Coaching Tips

  • Hitters should learn to adjust their stance to hit the ball to the pull side or opposite field.
  • Make it harder: Use a side soft-toss instead of a tee
  • Make it easier: Try Bunt H.O.R.S.E. Set up 6 hula hoops on the field and soft toss to each hitter. They pick a hoop to aim for and bunt the ball into it. The other players must execute the same bunt or they get a letter.